Professional development for teachers working with pre school and school-age children and for others working in an educational setting.

Teachers and educators face an array of challenges and opportunities. Whether they are present in or outside of the classroom, we can provide the tools and knowledge to face and overcome these challenges and harness potential to allow opportunities to flourish. Take a look at some of the workshops we've conducted that address some common issues faced by educators.

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Tools for Tough Times: Taming Tigers and Slowing Down Tasmanian Devils - The Secrets of Working With those Struggling With Aggressive and Negative Behaviours. 

Some people (students, co-workers and people you serve) can be challenged to follow directions, behave appropriately with others, have clear boundaries and stay within the lines of a planned activity. Teachers, supervisors and support staff can be found exhausted, unsure of what to do next and disgruntled by their efforts at the end of the workday.  Taming a room full of tigers and settling down Tasmanian Devils is no circus act and is definitely not an easy task.

  • Learn about utilizing the basic tools and ways of moving forward with a new skill set while bringing more balance to a shared environment. Topics emphasized will include:
  • Effective communication tools and agreements with working with others
  • Thinking out of the box about barriers and boundaries
  • Understanding the differences between independence, dependence, co-dependence and inter-dependence
  • Games that teach while being inclusive to all for inside and outside classroom
  • The Big R Words – routines, responsibilities, rights, rules, and roles when working with children and youth
  • Stories that provide perspective of the teacher, student, family and community workers regarding the need for change, challenge and more direct approach to care

Organized Chaos: Understanding the importance of balance with structure and unstructured learning experience and management practices.

Our workplaces and schools have become increasingly dependent on everything being “absolute”, structured and achievement-driven to the point that creativity and resiliency are diminishing. This workshop explains the art of imperfection and how to create teachable moments.

What does organized chaos mean? “A situation or place that seems to be in chaos, but has an underlying organization and pattern which is evident to those involved in the situation.”

Everyone needs a little shake up and chaos to inspire some creativity and let loose of some rigid thinking and functionality. This is a workshop of play, activity and facts relating to the concept and theory of organized chaos. Participants will be engaged in a fun and motivating professional development experience dedicated to discovering balance, the importance of unstructured play and the concept of ‘work life’ being a powerful learning approach to teaching, being and leading.

Creative bag of tricks

Does your classroom need an infusion of creativity or do your students need to be challenged to get out of their shell? This workshop is aimed at challenging, teaching and engaging you with the tricks to creativity and the foundation of putting fun back into play and your classroom. Offering training in improv, clowning, theatre initiatives, camp fire songs and imaginary play, we provide a seemingly bottomless box of creative ideas to transform your classroom.  


Schools, community centres and camps are central to honouring diversity and bringing inclusivity and connectivity to their communities and students. Enjoy a workshop that not only challenges our paradigms on building a sense of community, but also leaves you with tools and perspectives to continually reshape them. The workshop is both interactive and discussion-based, and will provide participants transferable learning tools, play activities and resources for ages 5 and up.


Do we really need to read another statistic about how much children spend inside or how much screen time they are getting? Come and enjoy a half or full day workshop completely based on outside learning and play. The ‘inside” traditional classroom is small and simple compared to the expansive “outside” classroom where kids learn hands-on through experiential learning techniques, play and sometimes getting a little dirty. You will learn a ton of games, activities and ideas that are transferrable to the home, centre or school.